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Who We Are?

Spec Station is an Independent Optometric Practice that is part of the Optical Alliance group. It was opened in April 2000 by Ahmed Patel, who had acquired his Bachelor of Optometry degree in the year 1995. He is the son of Mr Hassen Patel, who was one of the first non-white Optometrists to qualify and practice as an Optometrist in Gauteng and possibly in South Africa. Mr Patel senior commenced practice as H. Patel Optometrist in 1963 in the suburb of Fordsburg on the Western fringe of Johannesburg City. He began offering Optometric services to members of any race group and the H.Patel name became synonymous with Optometry in many quarters of South Africa.

Mr. Patel had a thriving practice and it was not surprising that four of his five children pursued the profession of Optometry and still practice it today. While Mr. Patel senior is now deceased, his children still successfully run three practices in Gauteng. Spec Station was founded by Ahmed Patel, the youngest son of Mr. H. Patel in April 2000. After qualifying as an Optometrist in 1995, Ahmed worked at the Oriental Plaza branch of H. Patel Optometrists for 5 years before opening the Park Station Branch.

Park Station was chosen due to its central location and was named Spec Station because of it’s location inside of South Africa’s largest and busiest transport node. Spec Station has been providing quality eye care and affordable eyewear for thousands of patients from different parts of Africa and abroad. We pride ourselves in being the eye care provider of choice for a large percentage of theTransnet, Netcare, Eskom, SAPS groups.

We do promote the benefits of the latest optical trends and brands in terms of materials, looks and comfort but believe it is the right every patient to receive a prescription at an affordable price. Our dealings with Medical Aid Schemes are completely ethical. We subscribe to Peer review initiatives and honour our contract with the various Medical Schemes. We believe the key to success is efficient aftercare service. Our patients are encouraged to visit us regarding any queries that they might have or simply drop us a line.

Our Services

What We Offer
• Eye Screening
• Case history
• Auto refraction
• Tonometer readings/glaucoma testing
• Distance and near visual acuity testing
• Referral to specialists, Advice on ocular health

Comprehensive Test

• Diagnosis of the required prescription for spectacles or contact lenses
• The patient chooses a frame should he or she need spectacles
• We advise on and discuss the type of lenses required
• We submit the claim, at medical aid rates, for the consultation and products supplied, directly to the medical aid
• Should the patient not be on a medical aid, we offer competitive rates for private patients
• Add-ons (such as coating/tinting etc.) will be charged for at normal rates and are only added at the discretion of the patient

Contact lens fitting

What You need to know
We determine suitability for contact lens wear and offer patients a trial pair of contact lenses to assess their vision and the comfort of the lenses.A complete and comprehensive consultation will take you from spectacles to confident contact lens wear within a short preiod of time.

Delivery of

spectacles/contact lenses
Prior to ordering spectacles or contact lenses, the patient is informed of any costs which may not be included in his or her medical aid benefits. Spectacles and contact lenses re-check upon collection and patients are encouraged to return if they have any concerns. Convenient payment options • Medical Aid Schemes • Cash payments • EFT/Direct deposits • Debit and Credit cards, including Edcon(Edgars, Jet, Sales House, etc.) cards • Lay-by/down payment arrangement

After Care

After Service
It is important that we be notified about any discomfort experienced with frames and products supplied. We offer free adjustments on spectacles purchased from us for the expected lifespan of the spectacles.

Feedback From you

Our Happt Clients
We welcome feedback from you, as your input will assist us in continuing to provide the best possible experience for you, our valued patrons.

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Happy Clients

Our Services

In a competitive market, flooded with discounts and special offers, it is often extremely hard to choose the best service provider. We believe in an ethical approach to eye care. Ocular welfare should remain the focus of eye care professionals. Primary health care in the interests of the patients is of paramount importance to us.

Eye examinations

Our comprehensive eye exam consists of two parts. The refraction entails the use of lenses to determine the best prescription to give the patient optimum clarity at both distance and near. Next is the ocular health exam. This part of the exam will rule out and/or diagnose diseases of the eye, such as cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration. The ocular health exam also allows the Optometrist to detect and monitor a number of diseases such as hypertension and diabetes.

Glaucoma screening

If you notice a change in your peripheral (side) vision, you should have your eyes checked by an ophthalmologist. This type of doctor specializes in the: • Medical and surgical care of the eyes and visual system • Prevention of eye disease and injury Find out more about how doctors screen for and diagnose glaucoma: If you’re at high risk for glaucoma, you should have a dilated pupil eye examination at least every one to two years. To help screen for glaucoma, the Optometrist will perform a comprehensive eye exam that may include the following test:

Drivers and Skippers licence certificates

The law stipulates that everyone renewing their driver’s licence must have their vision screened. Instead of waiting in long queues, you can have your screening conducted free of charge by an optometrist at Spec Station. The screening does not replace a comprehensive eye examination. It will, however, reveal any potential problems you may have before you renew your driver’s licence. You will receive an official certificate stating you have had your vision screened by one of our optometrists. The certificate indicates the condition of your vision and will be accepted by the licensing departments.

Adjustments and repairs

Eyeglasses and sunglasses can become loose, crooked, or even cracked over time. If your favorite pair of frames have endured natural wear and tear and need to be tightened or adjusted, we have the tools to make them feel brand new. If the lenses are scratched or shattered we will remove the scratches or replace the lenses. Our professionals work with all styles and brands of eyeglasses and will repair your frames in a timely manner with the utmost care.

Contact lens instruction classes

Spec Station Optometrists fit patients with all types of contact lenses ranging from daily disposable soft contacts to multifocal lenses. Although we are happy to provide you with a prescription so that you may purchase your lenses anywhere, Spec Station offers competitive pricing and delivery options. Unlike many other locations, our staff will personally train you in the insertion, removal, and care of your contacts.


This test measures the pressure inside the eye. Examples of tonometers include: • The air puff or noncontact tonometer emits a puff of air. The test measures eye pressure by the eye's resistance to the air.

Visual Acuity Test

This test measures sight at various distances. While seated 3 m from an eye chart, the patient reads standardized visual charts with each eye, with and without corrective lenses.


The doctor examines the interior of the eye by looking through the pupil with a special instrument. This test can help detect damage to the optic nerve caused by glaucoma.

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